Case: Priority tasks T 25


How to choose priorities

Scope: production or service company

Target group: director, QSE manager, QSE team, customer



After some delays recently accumulated, Mr. Thehand, director of Nicetoy, asks Mr. Thenose, QSE manager, to give him (by Thursday evening) a plan of activities to be performed next week.
Tasks with delays:
A. Analyze the boxes of nonconformities in the "prison" and decide their fate
B. Call Ms. Verynear of the customer Mytoy to inform her of actions undertaken in response to the return of the 3 defective products
C. Train people on the list of procedure validation on the Intranet
D. Finalize the annual program of internal audits



Mr Thenose meets his team and together they choose priorities in this order:

Solution 1. B, A, C, D

Solution 2. A, B, C, D

Solution 3. C, B, A, D

Solution 4. D, A, B, C



Possible answers