Case: Customer and need T 25


Establishing customer loyalty (how to anticipate and satisfy their needs and expectations)

Scope: Production company

Target group: Director, quality director, quality manager, sales manager


Ms. Thethumb, sales manager at Nicetoy company, has issued an alarming report to top management. For some months, the Nicetoy company has had stagnating sales and, for some customers, lower annual orders.

Ms. Thecheek, quality director is not very surprised because recently the production nonconformities have begun to fill up the prison.

Mr. Thearm, the Director will undertake actions to allow the company to recover very quickly.


Mr. Thearm must choose one of these solutions:

1. Achieve a technological breakthrough with a new line of toys

2. Stand out from the competition with unbeatable prices

3. Quickly recruit a sales manager out of a top college

4. Contact the customer and identify the problem


Possible answers