Sample glossary


continual improvement

permanent process allowing the improvement of the global performance of the organization (see also ISO 9000, 3.2.13 and ISO 14 001, 3.2)


costs of obtaining quality


anyone who receives a product (see also ISO 9000, 3.3.5)

Do not confuse customer, supplier and subcontractor:

  • a customer receives a product
  • a supplier provides a product
  • a subcontractor provides a service or a product on which a specific work is done

customer satisfaction

top priority objective of every quality management system (see also ISO 9000, 3.1.4)

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environmental management system

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failure mode and effects analysis

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integrated management system


international organization for standardization

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multiple choice test

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occupational health and safety


occupational health and safety management system


a structure that satisfies a need (see also ISO 9000, 3.3.1)

Do not confuse organization and enterprise, society, company:

  • organization is the term used in the standard ISO 9001 as the entity between the supplier and the customer
  • enterprise, society, company are examples of organizations

  Do not confuse organizational chart and process map:

  • the organizational chart is the graphic display of departments and their links
  • the process map is the graphic display of processes and their interaction

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plan, do, check, act


activities which transform inputs into outputs (see also ISO 9000, 3.4.1)

Do not confuse procedure, process, product, activity and task:

  • a procedure is the description how we should conform to the rules
  • a process is how we satisfy the customer using people to achieve the objectives
  • a product is the result of a process
  • an activity is a set of tasks
  • a task is a sequence of simple operations

process approach

management by the processes to better satisfy customers, improve the effectiveness of all processes and increase global efficiency (see also ISO 9004, Annexe B.5)


any outcome of a process or activity (see also ISO 9000, 3.4.2)

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quality management system


quality, safety, environment

quality management system

set of processes allowing the achievement of the quality objectives (see also ISO 9000, 3.2.3)

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explicit or implicit need or expectation (see also ISO 9000, 3.1.2)

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set of interacting processes (see also ISO 9000, 3.2.1)

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