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"IMS QSE internal audit version 2018"


You have access to the first chapters and their multiple-choice tests (MCT's) to get an idea of the content and means used in the PQB online courses.

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Below is the text for the beginning of the training T 39v18:

Goal of the module


To conduct an audit according to ISO 19011 in order to:

With this module you will learn about the internal audit in a QSE certified company and

You will become familiar with

At the end of the module you will understand the methods to organize and conduct the audit, including how to

How to be more effective during e-learning

Where to start?

It is best to start from the beginning. The multiple-choice test (MCT) at the beginning will help you to understand where you are in relation to the module.

You have access to the sub-clauses 1 to 4. 

To access the final MCT, you must have passed the 6 MCTs with success (note: 15 or more out of 20). For this you must have passed an order. Take your time and do not be afraid to go back and start the MCT again.

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