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Frequently asked questions

E-Learning and document sets

Is e-learning the same as training online and e-training?

Yes. E-learning is an Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Also known as online learning, e-training, training (teaching) remotely (online)

Is the ISO 9001 internal audit course recognized by certification bodies?

Yes. All PQB internal audit courses (cf. T 35 to T 44) are recognized by certification bodies. The ISO 19 011 standard stipulates that the training of an auditor can be done internally and externally (see paragraph 7.4.1 c). Of course you must show the acquired skills, keep the documents as training materials, certificate of attendance and mastery (cf. example of a certificate)

Who is the public of PQB e-learning solutions?

Everyone on Internet and wishing to improve his competences and knowledge in management systems in quality, occupational health and safety, environment and food safety

Are there prerequisite requirements to attend an e-learning?

Yes, it is necessary to have at least a small knowledge of navigation on Internet (for certain specific modules see their description)

Are there demonstrations of modules?

Yes, for all on line courses a "Free demo" button will bring you to the sample (demonstration) part of the course

For the documents the first 3 pages can be seen (example of the first pages in pdf of the course "T 15v15 ISO 9001 readiness")

Is e-learning interactive?

Yes. The presentation of the modules is interactive and dynamic, it is necessary to answer questions (MCT - multiple-choice test). Each course has a MCT beginning of 10 questions, a MCT of several questions after every major clause or sub-clause and a final MCT of 20 questions. According to the answers you will obtain recommendations to continue or revise the clause (sub-clause) which you did not assimilate enough. See the MCT examples in the demo sample course.

Do I need a specific software?

Not, the online training proceeds without need of application softwares from you. For the documents you need only Writer and Calc (Open Office) or Word and Excel (Microsoft), Adobe for documents pdf and a decompression program as Winzip

How long the courses are available on my account?

Every paid course (validated order) remains available in your learning account for a period of 2 months (60 days) starting from the validation date of your payment. On simple request this time is renewed.

How long the documents are available on my account?

All paid documents (validated order) remain available in your account for a period of 1 year from the validation date of your payment. Meanwhile you have access to download the documents and their changes (improvements)

Are there manuals or books that I have to buy?

In theory you do not have to buy additional books or documents for your training. However, your tutor will give you his recommendations for the purchase of standards or books concerning your training if you want to go further

What are the benefits of a module?

Every training module gives you the right to:

  • have an access during 2 months to your online course
  • train on MCT with notes and recommendations
  • have an access during one year to download the documents with the support and annexes of the module
  • see the history of your MCT trials and results

Can I receive help at any time?

According to the type of accompaniment that you wish to obtain, you will have an online answer (working days) or by e-mail in 24 hours (CONTACT)

Can I begin one or more courses or download one or more documents at the same time?

For the courses, be realistic and start only one module at the same time! For the documents on the other hand there is no limit!

Can I download the whole of a training module to use it on my computer once disconnected?

No, that is not possible: the online training background functions only when you are connected. The software records the history of your answers to the various questionnaires

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. At the end of the course (after the final MCT) you can download your certificate of mastery and attendnace of the training module (example of a certificate). To access the last MCT you must have successfully passed the MCTs of the training module (you can repeat as many times as you wish each MCT). When you have scored at least 15 out of 20 for the last MCT ("end") you can download your "Certificate of mastery and attendance" with your name, surname, the title of the course, length in hours of the course, the training period and the course presence history of the MCT with the dates

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Hardware (pc and Internet)

Do I need a broadband Internet access?

It is not necessary to have a broadband Internet access. A connection is enough, but the speed will be a little (or much) slower!

Which navigation system should be used?

The display of the site is optimized for recent navigation systems such as Chrome and Firefox

Do I need to be online during my training?

Yes, because the online training proceeds directly on Internet. After each disconnection you must connect again passing by "My account"

Is it possible to connect to my course at my office or the house or even abroad?

Yes, the PQB courses are available 24 hours non stop everywhere you can connect to Internet!

Do I need to buy a powerfull computer?

An access to Internet is essential to follow the courses (broadband access advised). The equipment necessary is a PC, a tablet or a smartphone

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Prices, payment, access and reductions

How much does an online course cost?

The prices vary from a module to another, but are between 100 and 200 Euros ex. VAT

How much does a document set cost?

The prices vary between 13 to 25 euros ex. VAT. For specific orders ask a tender!

Can I be free of VAT?

Yes. If you are living or working in a country outside the European Union the price is exempt of VAT (without value added taxe)

Is online payment secured?

Yes. The payments via PayPal are easy, fast and secured

How can I carry out my payments?

Via PayPal online transaction, by check or bank transfer. From abroad you can pay with postal order

How to order a course?

The steps to pass an order for a PQB course for the first time can be seen at "How to pass an order"

What kind of invoice will I receive?

The invoice which you will receive is with (separeted) VAT for the European Union. For the other countries it is without VAT (if you have paid without VAT)

When will I receive my invoice?

On receipt of your payment

I made my payment. How do I access my order?

If you have not received an email with your password, check your Spam mailbox for an email entitled "PQB: how to access your account." Inside is your ID (email address) and password.

Otherwise write to us using the form in the Contact tab.

Or request a new password in the My account tab.

If your password is not recognized despite the validation of your order ask for help from your web master.

Otherwise connect to the PQB site from another Internet point.

Or contact us via the contact form on the website or by phone.

When can I start my training?

Immediately as soon as you have paid by credit card or PayPal.

In two-three days if you paid by bank transfer or check.

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User and password

What shall I do when I have paid my order but haven't received my password?

Check your Spam mailbox if you do not have a letter entitled "PQB: How to access to your account." Inside is your ID (e-mail address) and your password. Otherwise write a letter to the address given in "CONTACT" or request a new password (see next question)

What shall I do if I forget my user name and password?

Your identifier (user name) is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, write again your email address in "MY ACCOUNT" and you will receive an email with your new password

How can I see the history of my trainings and documents?

In "MY ACCOUNT" you have access to the history of your orders and courses up to one year back

What can I do when my password is not recognized despite the validation of my order?

Your connection to the Internet from a network is with some restrictions. Ask help from your web administrator. Otherwise make a connection to the site PQB from another Internet point or write a letter to the address at "CONTACT"

Can I share my account with other people (colleagues, friend...)?

No. When you bought the access to a PQB training module it is strictly personal. Your identifier and password are unique

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Assistances for E-Learning

How are done the evaluations?

At the beginning, during and at the end of each course the evaluation is done using MCQ's (multiple choice questionnaire)

How the competences are evaluated at the end of the course?

Each online training is ending with an evaluation a MCQ of 20 questions. You can access to the final MCQ only after the other MQC's are passed with success (note at least 15 out of 20)

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the training?

Yes. At the end of the training (after the final MCQ) you can download a control and presence certificate (see example)

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Can I adapt the documents to my needs?

Yes, the downloaded documents are editable and you can adapt them to your liking.

How long is it necessary to download a set of documents?

The download time depends on the speed of your Internet access and of the weight of ZIP file, in general that does not take more than several minutes if not a few seconds

Can I print a document without downloading it?

Each document to which you have access gives you the possibility of downloading it on your computer and of printing it. You can print all that is on your screen

I can't download the files?

If your Internet connection passes via a Proxy server ask assistance from your web adminstrator, who will be able to solve your problem quickly

I do not remember any more where I downloaded the documents on my hard disk. What do I have to do to find them?

The simplest way is to download any document (or the same one) and to remember the place where your pc will ask you to save it, it is surely the same place

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Can I give up my purchase of a PQB course or document?

Yes. Of course it is enough for you to show that the course or the document does not match the description, you can do it within 7 days without having any future obligation towards PQB