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31 March 2019:

Added the document set D 10 - Quality tools

  Promotion of the week Promotion of the week

For week 25 the set of documents D 40v18 ISO 22000 internal audit version 2018 is at 15 euros (instead of 31 euros) 

  Promotion of the month Promotion of the month

For June the course T 42v16 ISO 13485 internal audit version 2016 is with a 50% decrease (from 100 euros to 50 euros)

Some outstanding books


Joseph M. Juran

Quality Control Handbook


1951 (2016)

Armand V. Feigenbaum

Total Quality Control


1951 (2015)

Kaoru Ishikawa

 Guide to Quality Control

Asian Productivity Organization

1976 (1991)

Philip B. Crosby

Quality is free - The Art of Making Quality Certain


1979 (1992)

Kaoru Ishikawa

What is Total Quality Control ? - The Japanese Way

Prentice hall

1981 (1991)

W. Edwards Deming

Out of the crisis

The MIT Press

1982 (2000)

Philip B. Crosby

Quality Without Tears - The Art of Hassle-Free Management


1984 (1995)

Masaaki Imai

Kaizen - The Key to Japan's Competitive Success



James H. Harrington

Poor-Quality Cost



Taiichi Ohno

Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production

Productivity Press


David Hoyle

ISO 9000 Quality Systems Handbook


1994 (2017)

Masaaki Imai

Gemba Kaizen - A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management


1997 (2012)

Brian Carney, Issac Getz

Freedom, Inc. - Free Your Employees and Let Them Lead Your Business to Higher Productivity, Profits, and Growth

Crown Business


Vineet Nayar

Employees first, customers second - Turning conventional management upside down

Harvard Business Press


Frederic Laloux

Reinventing organizations - A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness

Nelson Parker