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4.1 Management principles

Quality management principles

quality management principles

The seven quality management principles (cf. figure 4-1) will help us achieve sustained success (ISO 9001, sub-clause 0.2).

qualuty principles
Figure 4-1. The 7 quality management principles

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4.2 Audit principles

Audit principles for the auditor, the audit and the auditee


Certain principles must be followed for an audit to be a value added tool.

For the auditor:

But also:

For the audit:

For the auditee:

An auditor cannot audit their own department as:

No-one should be a judge in his own case. Latin proverb

smileyMinute of relaxation. Cf. joke "The engineer and the shepherd"

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4.3 Performance of the OH&SMS

Performance, effectiveness, efficiency


For an occupational health and safety management system what is of interest is the degree of achievement of objectives or, in other words, performance. The performance of an OH&SMS is measured by its effectiveness and, above all, by its efficiency (see figure 4-2).


Figure 4-2. Performance of an OH&SMS

Effectiveness: capacity to perform planned activities with minimum effort
Efficiency: financial relationship between achieved results and resources used 

N.B. We can be effective because we achieved our objective, but are not efficient if we used too many resources or tolerated and produced too much waste!
Minute of relaxation. Game: Audit principles

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