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31 March 2019:

Added the document set D 10 - Quality tools

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Kaizen - Kaizen Desk Reference Standard - The complete guide for applying Kaizen to continuously improve business results

Author(s): Ralph Vitalo, Frank Butz and Joseph Vitalo
Year: 2003
Language: English
Publisher: Lowrey Press
ISBN: 0-9722810-4-5
Number of pages: + 450
Condition: As new
Cover: Paper-bound
Plus: cd tool kit
Size: 22x28 cm
Table of contents      
Preface vii    
Introduction 1    
Overview of Kaizen 9    
Kaizen in Action 21    
Milestone A. Document a Scope for the Kaizen Event 67    
  Task A1. Understand the Scope Document 91    
Milestone B. Analyze Whether to Conduct the Kaizen Event 111    
Milestone C. Prepare for the Kaizen Event 145    
Milestone D. Perform the Kaizen Event 163    
  Task D1. Focus the Kaizen Event 189    
    Step D1-S1. Build a Description of the Target Work Process 197    
    Step D1-S2. Walk Through the Target Work Process 215    
    Step D1-S3. Build the Mission Statement 241    
    Step D1-S4. Set Goals for the Kaizen Event 253    
    Step D1-S5. Define the Do's and Don'ts 261    
  Task D2. Evaluate the Target Work Process 267    
  Task D3. Solve the Performance Issue 311    
    Step D3-S3. Conduct an Experiment 323    
  Task D4. Act to Improve the Target Work Process 333    
    Step D4-S1. Measure Results 351    
    Step D4-S3. Conduct a Pilot 373    
Milestone E. Institutionalize the Process Improvements 383    
Customizing the Kaizen Process 389    
Ending Note: Of Sanctity and Sacrilege 415    
Glossary 417    
Index 427  
Acknowledgments 445    
About the Authors 447    
User Evaluation and Feedback Form 449