Saturday, July 13 2024

Seeking buyer for the PQB site


There comes a time when you have to hand over to someone else!

I would like to find the right person who will want to take over the activity of the PQB site, French and English part.

One of the reasons for deciding to sell my business is age. Among other things, I have been officially retired since 2015.

Another reason is that I have already received an offer, in 2021. The price offered was 164,000 euros, including 24,000 euros for one-year support. I stopped the sale process because at that time I wanted to make my French training eligible for the CPF (Personal training account). Since then, after a few failures, I resigned myself to the fact that this approach was not for me and I focused on other activities. But it remains a very promising prospect for France.

Another very promising prospect is unused social networks (except a little on Linkedin).

More than 150 videos on Youtube.

I still have a few activities that I plan to complete towards the end of 2024:

  • translate the training (Risk management to medical devices) into English
  • create training on business continuity according to ISO 22301 (2019 version)
  • set up the IZOGOOD® games for the rest of the standards (J 20 to J 26) and translate them into English

The profile sought:

  • experience in quality
  • French and English (written and spoken) of a certain level
  • want to continue and enrich the site
  • believe in the growth prospects of the site
  • be:
    • ambitious and want to succeed
    • comfortable with the administration of a WEB site
    • ready to work hard
    • motivated and have a passion for quality
    • able to devote himself entirely to this project
    • ready to learn and evolve over time with new versions of standards
    • able to make quick and sound decisions
    • able to manage risks to achieve goals and take responsibility for choices
    • able to communicate effectively with its stakeholders and especially its customers
  • have strong financial skills
  • be able to develop:
    • a financial plan
    • a commercial strategy
  • have the necessary financial resources

Some figures on PQB:

  • creation of the company: 2004 as EURL (Single member limited liability company)
  • creation of the site: 2007
  • new SASU (simplified single-member joint stock company) status in 2017
  • site redesign: 2019
  • 2022 turnover: 49k euros. More details on this page
  • profit (net accounting result) 2022: 19k euros
  • cash flow 31/12/2023: 23k euros
  • more than 9000 customers since 2004
  • Qualiopi certificate
  • ICPF PSI expert trainer certificate

PQB activities:

  • online trainings for your management system:
    • readiness for a certifiable standard (eleven)
    • internal audit of your management system (eleven)
    • quality tools (ten)
    • training packages (eleven)
  • online games to decipher standards while having fun:
    • QSE (one)
    • specific (soon)
  • ready-to-use sets of documents for your management system:
    • common (fourteen)
    • readiness (eleven)
    • internal audit (eleven)
    • tools (ten)
    • packages (eleven)

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me.