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31 March 2019:

Added the document set D 10 - Quality tools

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For week 25 the set of documents D 40v18 ISO 22000 internal audit version 2018 is at 15 euros (instead of 31 euros) 

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For June the course T 42v16 ISO 13485 internal audit version 2016 is with a 50% decrease (from 100 euros to 50 euros)

D 10 - Set of documents - Quality tools

Set of 6 quality tools for your management system - wastes; toolbox; quality control; QMS; problem, risk, safety and Lean

D 10 - Set of documents - Quality tools
  • Added the: 31/03/2019
  • Last update: 04/04/2019
  • Number of pages: 86
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You have an unlimited access for one year to the whole set of documents. This includes access to all the modifications (improvements) which could be made during that period.

D 10 Quality tools
Codification Title Pages
PQBD1001 The 8 wastes (first 3 pages in PDF) 9
PQBD1002 Toolbox 5
PQBD1003 Quality control tools 8
PQBD1004 QMS tools 17
PQBD1005 PRS (problem, risk, safety) tools 19
PQBD1006 Lean tools 26
PQBD10List List of quality tools 1
Total 86