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D 11v16 - Aerospace procedures, instructions and processes - Set of documents

Set of documents - AS9100D version 2016 procedures, instructions and processes - aerospace quality management system

D 11v16 - Aerospace procedures, instructions and processes - Set of documents
  • Added the: 26/02/2020
  • Last update: 26/02/2020
  • Number of pages: 67
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You have an unlimited access for one year to the whole set of documents. This includes access to all the modifications (improvements) which could be made during that period.


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D 11v16 AS9100D aerospace procedures, instructions and processes version 2016
Codification Title Pages
PQBD1101 Risk management (procedure, example in pdf) 8
PQBD110101 Treatment plan (form, example in pdf) 1
PQBD1102 Configuration management (procedure, example in pdf) 5
PQBD1103 Transfer to another site (procedure) 4
PQBD110301 Transfer request (form) 1
PQBD110302 Transfer agreement (form) 1
PQBD110303 Transfer check list (Excel) 2
PQBD1104 First article inspection (procedure) 4
PQBD110401 First article inspection form 3
PQBD1105 FMEA (procédure)  8
PQBD110501 Severity evaluation criteria (example) 1
PQBD110502 Occurrence evaluation criteria (example) 1
PQBD110503 Detection evaluation criteria (example) 1
PQBD110504 FMEA (Excel) 2
PQBD1106 Manage operational risk (process) 2
PQBD1107 Recall equipment (process) 2
PQBD1108 Transfer activities (process) 2
PQBD1109 Manage critical items (process) 2
PQBD1110 Guarantee product safety (process) 2
PQBD1111 Struggle against counterfeit parts (process) 2
PQBD1112 Carry out FMEA (process) 2
PQBD1113 Notify regulatory authorities (process) 2
PQBD1114 Manage external providers (process) 2
PQBD1115 Evaluate test reports (process) 2
PQBD1116 Inspect first article (process) 2
PQBD1117 Manage configuration (process) 2
PQBD11List List of AS9100D documents 1
Total 67