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For week 04 the set of documents D 72v16 ISO 13485 version 2016 package is at 65 euros (instead of 129 euros) 

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For January the course T 37v15 ISO 14001 version 2015 internal audit is with a 50% decrease (from 100 euros to 50 euros)

D 16v16 - Set of documents - IATF 16949 readiness version 2016

Document set of online training module - IATF 16949 automotive quality management system readiness

D 16v16 - Set of documents - IATF 16949 readiness version 2016
  • Added the: 20/04/2017
  • Last update: 15/01/2019
  • Number of pages: 243
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Documents provided as annexes in the training course T 16v16 IATF 16949 2016 readiness


D 16v16 Quality management system IATF 16949 v 2016 readiness
Codification Title Pages
PQBD16v16S IATF 16949 training module (support, example first 30 pages in pdf) 95
PQBD16v16A01 Certification project plan 3
PQBD16v16A02 Process review report (template) 2
PQBD16v16A03 List of processes (example) 2
PQBD16v16A04 Process approach 3
PQBD16v16A05 PRS (problem, risk, safety) family tools 20
PQBD16v16A06 Glossary 12
PQBD16v16A07 Quality manual, template 20
PQBD16v16A08 List of risks 6
PQBD16v16A09 Risk level 2
PQBD16v16A10 Documented information to maintain 2
PQBD16v16A11 Management review, template 3
PQBD16v16A12 Good practices QMS IATF 16949 6
PQBD16v16A13 Bad practices QMS IATF 16949 6
PQBD16v16A14 8 D report 1
PQBD16v16A15 MCT (multiple choice test) IATF 16949 18
PQBD16v16A16 FMEA, template, Excel 2
PQBD16v16A16 APQP steps, example 1
PQBD16v16A18 Control plan, template, Excel 2
PQBD16v16A19 List of PPAP documents, example 1
PQBD16v16A20 Automotive processes 29
PQBD16v16A21 Quiz requirements IATF 16949 6
PQBD16v16List List of IATF 16949 documents 1
Total 243