Saturday, July 13 2024

package of online courses for your QSE management system


Training Packages (E-Learning training)

PQB offers various packages of online training (e-learning), particularly for the preparation of your management system and internal audit. These training packages cover different management systems such as quality, environment and others. Our training programs are designed to fill specific skills gaps and improve critical processes. Our online training packages are developed by industry experts and delivered through a user-friendly platform accessible via desktops and mobile devices. Our training packages offer businesses a cost-effective solution to train their employees without disrupting their work schedules. We understand the importance of staff development and ensure that our training packages are relevant, practical and delivered on time so that they benefit the improvement of your management systems

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Training and Game Set

PQB Web's Training and Game Set is another innovative approach to learning and development that we offer to our customers. The Training and Game Set consists of a management system training course and a game-based tutorial designed to engage and motivate employees to learn critical skills. We understand that learning is more impactful when it is fun and engaging. With that in mind, our Training and Game Set is designed to help businesses improve their critical operations by providing their employees with enjoyable, game-based tutorials that assist them to master their management system requirements. Our Training and Game Set is customizable and can be tailored to meet specific business needs, ensuring that your employees benefit from practical training in an enjoyable, game-based environment

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