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15 August 2019:

Added the document set D 06v18 Food safety - Procedures and instructions ISO 22000 version 2018

  Promotion of the week Promotion of the week

For week 38 the pack of documents D 02 Processes is at 15 euros (instead of 31 euros) 

  Promotion of the month Promotion of the month

For September the training package T 67v15 ISO 14001 version 2015 is with a 50% decrease (from 225 euros to 112 euros)

Document packs for your management system


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documents readiness audits packages MCT  
Common documents Readiness documents Audit documents Packages MCT & quizzes  

D 01
Job descriptions

D 15v15
ISO 9001 readiness version 2015

D 35v15
ISO 9001 internal audit version 2015

D 65v15
ISO 9001 package version 2015

D 15 MCT & quiz
ISO 9001


week promotionD 02

D 16v16
IATF 16949 readiness version 2016

D 36v16
IATF 16949 readiness version 2016

D 66v16
IATF 16949 package version 2016

D 16 MCT & quiz
IATF 16949


D 03v15
Quality procedures version 2015

D 17v15
ISO 14001 readiness version 2015

D 37v15
ISO 14001 internal audit version 2015

D 67v15
ISO 14001 package version 2015

D 17 MCT & quiz
ISO 14001


D 04v15
Quality instructions version 2015

D 18v18 
ISO 45001 readiness version 2018

D 38v18
ISO 45001 internal audit version 2018

D 68v18
ISO 45001 package version 2018

D 18 MCT & quiz
ISO 45001


D 06v18
Food safety procedures and instructions version 2018
D 19v18
QSE IMS readiness version 2018
D 39v18
QSE IMS internal audit version 2018
D 69v18
QSE IMS package version 2018

D 19 MCT


D 07v15
Environmental procedures version 2015
D 20v18
ISO 22000 readiness version 2018
D 40v18
ISO 22000 internal audit version 2018
D 70v18
ISO 22000 package version 2018

D 20 MCT & quiz
ISO 22000


D 08v15
Environmental instructions version 2015
D 21v16
AS9100D readiness version 2016
D 41v16
AS9100D internal audit version 2016
D 71v16
AS9100D package version 2016

D 21 MCT & quiz

D 12 Quality tools  D 22v16
ISO 13485 readiness version 2016
D 42v16
ISO 13485 internal audit version 2016
D 72v16 
ISO 13485 package version 2016

D 22 MCT & quiz
ISO 13485


 D 13v16

Medical devices documents version 2016




D 35 MCT
ISO 9001 internal audit





D 36 MCT
IATF 16949 internal audit





D 37 MCT
ISO 14001 internal audit




D 38 MCT
ISO 45001 internal audit




D 39 MCT
QSE IMS internal audit




 D 40 MCT
ISO 22000 internal audit


 D 41 MCT
AS9100D internal audit

        D 42 MCT
ISO 13485 internal audit


Ready to use documents 

  • Common
  • Readiness (systems)
  • Audits
  • Packages
  • MCT (multiple choice tests)
  • Popular quotes and proverbs on quality

Examples and templates

  • manuals
  • processes
  • procedures
  • job descriptions
  • instructions
  • management reviews
  • audit plans
  • audit questionnaires
  • audit reports

Documents "ready to use" to assist the certification of your management system

These documents will help you implement your management system and succesfully obtain and maintain the certification. They are easily modified (Word and Excel format) and quickly adapted to your specific needs.

The link to the website where you can download for free the module "Open a Word 2010 document in an earlier version of Word" Office.microsoft.com

You can also use the open source "Libre Office" documentation system to read and edit all types of documents Free download

The documents for download are ZIP compressed

To open them you need a decompression software such as:

  • Winzip (available from the site winzip.com ) or
  • IZArc (available free from the site izarc.org) or else
  • 7-zip (available free from the site 7-zip.org)