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Online courses (ELEARNING) - benefits for your management system

Online training

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T 15v15 
ISO 9001 readiness version 2015

monthly promotionT 35v15
ISO 9001 internal audit version 2015

T 45
FMEA approach

T 65v15
ISO 9001 training package version 2015

 T 85v15
T 15v15 ISO 9001 course and game G 15 IZOGOOD® 9001

T 16v16
IATF 16949 readiness version 2016

T 36v16
IATF 16949 internal audit version 2016

 T 46
Kaizen approach

T 66v16
IATF 16949 traning package version 2016


T 17v15
ISO 14001 readiness version 2015

T 37v15
ISO 14001 internal audit version 2015

 T 47
COQ approach

T 67v15
ISO 14001 training package version 2015


T 18v18
ISO 45001 readiness version 2018

T 38v18
ISO 45001 internal audit version 2018

 T 48
Quality manager

T 68v18
ISO 45001 training package version 2018


T 19v18
QSE IMS readiness version 2018

T 39v18
QSE IMS internal audit version 2018

 T 49
Lean approach

T 69v18
QSE IMS training package version 2018


T 20v18
ISO 22000 readiness version 2018

T 40v18
ISO 22000 internal audiit version 2018

 T 50
Happiness in the liberated company

T 70v18
ISO 22000 package version 2018

T 21v16
AS9100D readiness version 2016

T 41v16
AS9100D internal audit version 2016

T 51
Risk management soon
T 71v16
AS9100D package version 2016

 T 22v16
ISO 13485 readiness version 2016

T 42v16
ISO 13485 internal audit version 2016

 T 52
QSE manager soon

T 72v16
ISO 13485 package version 2016 


 T 23v07

ISO 22716 readiness version 2007

T 43v07
ISO 22716 internal audit version 2007

T 53
Project management soon 

T 73v07
ISO 22716 package version 2007


T 24v22
ISO 27001 readiness version 2022

T 44v22
ISO 27001 internal audit version 2022

 T 54
Risk management to medical devices soon

T 74v22
ISO 27001 package version 2022 








The PQB online courses are ODL (open and distance learning, or elearning), accessible 24 hours a day. All the training courses are tutored and linked to your management system ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001ISO 45001, QSE, ISO 22000, AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO 22716, ISO 27001 as well as to the internal audits and quality tools. 


You can learn more by watching the demonstration of each course through the button "Go to the Demo". Example T15 course: "ISO 9001 readiness"


Do you like playful pedagogy? You are in the right place: example of a game


No more travelling expenses (transportation and housing) and time saved. Better time management: trainees stop and re-start again at will. Greater concentration, more autonomy is encouraged, you can go back as many times as necessary to thoroughly grasp the information. Trainees find their own rhythm of progress and acquire only the required knowledge.

Access to the course is 60 days. On request this period may be renewed, for free, within 180 days.

In addition to the course, you can download for free the annexes to the course (package of documents provided) for one year, and you have access to all the improvements (changes) made during that period!

How it works?

You need only Internet access and a validated account to obtain the required knowledge. Start your course when you need it. Train yourself on your own when and where you wish. Reach your objectives at your own rhythm.

All PQB elearning solutions begin with an evaluation test (to estimate your level at the start). After each important chapter a multiple-choice test (MCT) is proposed. Don't be afraid of mistakes. You can go back at any time to a chapter or MCT to better understand a given point.

According to your knowledge and needs, you can carry out further searches by accessing different resources (annexes, glossary, help).

Elearning solutions are identified as modules. Each module (course) has several clauses (chapters). Each clause has several subclauses of several pages. At the end you can download a certificate of attendance and mastery (see sample).


Getting used to a specific vocabulary is necessary to fully understand management systems. To that end, a glossary of specific terms is ready to use from each course. You can also always glimpse the definition of a word or expression by hovering the mouse over a dotted underlined word or expression. 

How to be more effective during elearning

  • choose the best time of the day (or night) for you
  • ask people around you not to disturb you during your training
  • stay concentrated during the training


Frequently asked questions. You'll find many answers there. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to ask your question via the CONTACT form.


Teaching support is available during your course with:

  • a tutorial:
    • online
    • asynchronous by email with personalized reply by your tutor within 24 hours
  • a follow up of the acquired material and the progress of each trainee
  • advice, comments and recommendations on the methods, the documents and useful links

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